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It's always nice to learn a little about "who would do this?"

I became interested in astronomy when my nine-year old son asked to go out and identify some constellations for a school project. We drove a few miles to a park where we watched the stars emerge from the twilight. We discovered that the moons of Jupiter could be seen through binoculars, located constellations with familiar zodiac names, and saw the Milky Way splashed across the sky. It was an enchanting experience.

Ten years later my son's interests have advanced to more important things, but I'm still investigating the night sky, attempting to capture the romance and magic of the night through the lens of my camera. I like to use methods that combine traditional film exposures with digital imaging technology. The images on these pages are the results.

I'm a member of the Minnesota Astronomical Society, but during daylight hours I work as a color imaging engineer at Electronics For Imaging a computer graphics equipment manufacturer with an office in Minneapolis, MN. Some of the technical details of my work can be found in a list of publications and presentations.

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