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Today almost anyone can present their work on the internet. The status of "being published" is part of the motivation to prepare an attractive web site and show one's best efforts. It is an interesting concept: sharing pictures and opinions with internet visitors silently passing by. I hope you enjoy them, perhaps be inspired or motivated by them, and maybe even make contact with me to discuss them.



However you feel about them, please respect these pages as intellectual work (and also just plain grunt-work lugging equipment to the right time and place). As such, these pages are subject to copyright protection according to the United States copyright laws and international copyright treaties. Please do not make copies of these pages without permission. Of course, I am easily flattered and my permission is usually easy to obtain, so contact me.


Credits and other Links

I have been inspired, instructed and informed by many wonderful web sites while preparing this one. Here are a few that I find particularly well executed.

Over time, various other sites have found Nightscapes interesting enough to place their own link to these pages. This makes an interesting list: places that point here!



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Thor Olson