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Credits and Links

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Over time, various other sites have found Nightscapes interesting enough to place their own link to these pages. This makes an interesting list: places that point here!


I have been inspired, instructed and informed by many wonderful web sites while preparing this one. Here are a few that I find particularly well executed.

Jerry Lodriguss


Visiting this site inspired me to assemble some pages of my own. There is much to learn.

Charles Poynton

A colleague very knowledgable in color and video. I try to follow his publishing and typesetting guidelines.

Michael Covington

Author of Astrophotography for the Amateur, something of a bible for me.

Axel Mellinger

Contains a stunning 360 degree panorama of the Milky Way!

Russ Dickman

Mikkel Steine

Phillip Perkins

Tom Matheson

Some astrophotography sites I have visited that I consider to contain wonderful photos, tastefully and artistically presented.



Amateur Astrophotography and CCD Image Links
(curated by Richard Bright)


Beautiful photographs of the sky are usually not taken by professional astronomers, they are taken by amateurs. Here is an extensive listing of the many contributors to this hobby.


Copyright 2001-Feb-26

Thor Olson