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Startrail photography
There is a progression of techniques in taking pictures of the night sky. The simplest is to place your camera on a tripod and open the shutter for a while. The stars form streaks on the film as the Earth rotates under them, creating a startrail image. Not yet ready to attempt more complicated astrophotography, I found that there is plenty to learn and much opportunity for pleasing compositions even with this simple method.

My ultimate startrail shot
I pondered how to capture that feeling I once shared with a friend seeing the stars from zenith to horizon, then continuing beneath us as we looked out over their reflections in an alpine lake. This became the inspiration for my quest of the ultimate startrail picture: a full semicircle of startrails reflected in the calm waters of a lake. I have not achieved this goal, but the pictures here are some of the rewards along the way.

Startrail Calendar 1999. A dozen photos taken during a year in quest of the ultimate startrail photo.

And one more that is as close as I got to my goal.

Some more startrail photos taken in the years since, with annotations.


Odyssey startrails.
A few more treasures from my 2001 Astrophoto sojourn.


Outings and field trips, since 2001.

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