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Stereo Constellations

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Beyond the flat map

There is no reason that we can't also include distance information in a visually appealing skymap. These stereo pairs illustrate what a little stellar parallax information can give us. Click on the links below to see "how God might see these parts of the sky," (provided that God had trichromatic night vision and an interocular distance of 1.5 light years)!

You may want a lesson in free-viewing stereo pairs. Apologies beforehand about the limited resolution to fit them on a web page. These pictures are stunning as full resolution slides in a stereo viewer. Contact me if you are interested.

Taurus. The Hyades make a great 3D cluster!

Gemini. Castor and Pollux are close to each other and close to us.

Leo. Containing a bent sickle.

Scorpius. Watch out, this one will stick you in the eye.

Capricornus. The late summer friend becomes a ninja throwing star.


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Thor Olson