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Total Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse of 20 January 2000
10:55 pm CST, Minnetonka MN
Nikon-F at prime focus of Takahashi CN-212 (Newtonian 820mm at f/3.9)
2 second exposure on E200 Ektachrome

Fully eclipsed

This picture was taken during the midpoint of the eclipse when the moon was deepest in shadow. The visual appearance was a dim grayish brown, but a long enough exposure on film will show the red component to its color.

The "bottom" of the moon is brighter. This means that the moon didn't pass through the dead center of the Earth's shadow, but toward one side. Compare to the photo taken immediately after entering the shadow (the last frame of the eclipse sequence).

This photo was selected by Tim Harincar to grace one of the internet eclipse postcards you can send, sponsored by his cool Eclipse Cafe site.

Copyright 2000-Feb-20

Thor Olson


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