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Entering this hobby only a few years ago, I am really not qualified to present lessons in sky photography techniques. There are a number of excellent web sites however, from whom I have learned much, and some of them are credited and listed as being influential in my work.

There are a few subjects that I am qualified to discuss and if it seems there is interest and they are not described adequately elsewhere, I will sometimes prepare and present them as web pages. The list below contains my contributions to date.

Write to me if you have questions or comments regarding these topics; I enjoy explaining them to anyone showing an interest. There is some overlap between my professional life and my various nocturnal activities. This list of technical papers includes some of them.


The colors of astrophotographic subjects:


The "HOT" color space.

Some early ideas on how color management might be used in astrophotography.

Emission nebula colors.

An extension of the earlier HOT concepts. Colorimetrically-correct rendering of objects whose spectra we know.


The Colors of the Deep Sky
(web poster)

A web-page-converted poster session presentation. The same concepts as above but presented with different words and light mathematical support.

This pdf version (1.2MB) is intended to be printed on four 11"x17" pages for scrutinizing


The effect of using a light pollution rejection filter on film exposures.


A description of how Milky Way panoramas are assembled from individual wide views of the sky.



Photographing the moon. Taking a picture of the moon is like taking a picture at the beach!



Push-processing E200 Ektachrome film. Some comparison scans.



Copyright 2003-Feb-17

Thor Olson



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